Affinity at Serangoon formerly referred to as Serangoon Ville

Affinity at Serangoon formerly referred to as Serangoon Ville

The Group has a different investment portfolio comprising advancement and investment initiatives in Singapore, in england, and Ireland in europe and the like. Aside from that, Affinity condo developer also do consultancy and mission managing in nations around the world for example Myanmar. Oxley Holdings has bought Serangoon Ville (presently known as Affinity at Serangoon) in Serangoon North Avenue 1 for $499 million. Oxley Holdings, Apricot Capital, Lian Beng Group and the entities of KSH Holding and Heeton Holdings consisted the joint venture that invested in the Serangoon Ville.

This bought real estate property, Affinity at Serangoon Oxley, is to be paid out an amount of $195 million for the 99 years of rental. Once the supplemental charges and expenses are combined with the price of the real estate, the cost per sq. ft becomes $835. The property has a total cover area of 296,913 square feet. The land is in trangular form. Base on the Affinity at Serangoon siteplan, we can see there are many facilities for this project. Just this month of May, another property named Rio Casa in Hougang is bought for $575 million by another joint partners with KSH, Lian Beng, Oxley and Apricot Capital.

Homeowners is not going to regret moving into the Affinity at Serangoon due to its tactical spot for commercial advancement and its varities of amenities to choose from. In the Affinity at Serangoon, anyone can take advantage of their amenities and varieties of method of transport. The visitors of Serangoon will enjoy the amenities, recreational means as well as their ways of transporting visitors. More and more chances will present in the progression of this Sub-regional Centre in Serangoon.

The homeowners at Serangoon will truly love the food items and services offered by Greenwich V. Via Ang Mo Kio Avenue is Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park as one of the attaching parks which leads to Affinity at Serangoon Condo. This simple entry takes to many known parts in the northeastern area of the property. Property modernizing tasks have boosted the physical surroundings in parts including Braddell Hills and Seletar Hills. Residential parts are on development in Serangoon. This is achieved little by little while several areas of the real estate have ongoing projects to complement the total progression of the real estate.

Affinity at Serangoon Easy Access to Greenwich V

Serangoon garden could be considered to be an identity node to hold its distinctive persona and laid backappeal. The landscaping is low rise but it is ideal design in advertising the looks variety of food items obtainable and a community which has an aura that differs from other food outlets. The garden is hidden to the suburban community to sustain its natural splendor and be made a community landmark amongst the property owners. So when you visit the garden, you’ll always experience Serangoon Garden Circus for what it’s recognized. With the traits of offices at Serangoon Central and brand-new business traits at Serangoon North, residents of Affinity at Serangoon will enjoy better opportunities. That means heading home from a exhausting and occupied work is less anxiety and would certainly take lesser time travel. It can be done thru a short walk or a quick bus tour via Serangoon MRT station.

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