Parc Esta Condo, Former Eunosville

Parc Esta Condo, Former Eunosville

A new underdeveloped property named Parc Esta was in service for 99 years as a leasehold property which is a former unit of Eunosville HUDC Enbloc. It’s only Jardine Matheson Group Unit which was able sold an enobloc properties of lands which was joint with MCL Land which makes a name as a top bidders on the market for leasehold units. It had been closely anticipated till 2017 that this Eunosville which was known before as 330 unit HUDC estate would be on top grossing real estate. The Government Land Sales Programme was not that enough when it comes to maintaining the real estate market since it limits the passion of most developers to submit more plots, but with regards to the rate you are secured that the its worth it since they are leading in the world market. You can visit the Parc Esta showflat when it is ready for launched.

In Singapore, MCL Land have served Fifty years as the reputable group for residential buildings. From the Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Macau, and Bangkok, it was just the Hong Kong Land and MCL Land which stand out on the market for property holdings for quiet long.

Parc Esta Condo sites on a prime piece of land that represent a timely investment for MCL Land to replenish its land banks. At that time of acquisition, Eunosville has a balance lease of 71 years left and the collective sale is timely for the residents as well because of the aging building structure. If we’re going to base the land size and ratio of the estate Parc Esta MCL Land, it had been targeted to build more than 1399 units in a fair cost.

Parc Esta is the former Eunosville estate that is a privatized HUDC that was build in the 1980s which consist of 330 units found in the plot of land next to Eunos MRT Station. The collective sale is the 2nd highest ever achieved after the sales of Farrer Court which is the present D’Leedon. Analyst note that the cost paid for the plot of land is affordable given the upswing market and the plot of land was sold to Jardine Matheson Group which is a unit of Hongkong Developer MCL Land. It had been expected that there will be 6 residential unit blocks, 4 walk-up apartment blocks with 75 units which was present in Eunosville HUDC among the 255 maisonettes. The expected selling price based on the acquisition price is about $1,700 – $1,750psf.

This Parc Esta which was an old Eunosville HUDC was unique since it was located to a place near in Changi Road and Sims Avenue. If we are to talk about the amenities available in Parc Esta, you made the best choice since they have function rooms, court for tennis players, BBQ pits for food enthusiast, guard house, indoor gym, clubhouse, 50m pool, sun deck as well as the special playground for children. A great entertainment would be fully realized in which your family will have the chance to enjoy the moment. Their facilities will let every individual experience the serene pace of the place.

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